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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Betta Spawn Log R01 (Part 2)

sample photo from google

Here we go after Betta Pairing session. Male and female can be put in Spawn Tank but the female must be put in separate container and put the female container in the spawn tank. I put my Spawn Tank in my cupboard for peaceful condition to prevent them from stress. Just leave them for 2 days (no need to feed them) for male to produce bubble nest.

Spawn Tank size to use is not too big and not too small. I just use 1 feet tank with around 4-5 inch water deep level. Do not use too much water because its hard for male to pick up the egg and put it on bubble nest. Do not put anything in the bottom of the spawn tank.

Based on the photo above, they use Cup for the bubble nest but i just put the clear plastic on the water surface, then the female will make the bubble nest under the plastic. It easy for us to see the Bubble nest is enough ready for spawn or not.

After 2 days and the bubble nest are ready. Release female betta from the container and leave them alone for 2 days. Strictly do not see them and make sure the condition around the spawn tank is calm and quiet. Continue to Part 3...

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